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Made for entrepreneurs and personal branding enthusiasts by a driven entrepreneur with a passion for personal branding.

If you are ready to take your personal brand to the next level, this podcast is for you! This podcast dives deep into the world of personal branding. We’ll break down key concepts, unpack actionable strategies used by industry leaders, and share their insights on building and maintaining a powerful brand.

“If I could boil my success down to one unfair advantage that I’ve had, it’s been my personal brand.”

- Dillon Kivo

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“The most fulfilling part of my journey so far its definitely been impacting my clients. Seeing their growth and success is incredibly rewarding for me, it is what drives me to help people grow their personal brands every single day.”

- Dillon Kivo


Dillon Kivo

Dillon Kivo, a WSJ and USA Today bestselling author of "The Authority Playbook," this podcast draws on his extensive experience in transforming over 4,000 personal brands and working with some of the most iconic names in the entrepreneurial space.

He shares his story of how he went from selling candy in junior high to flipping burgers at McDonald's to starting a multimillion-dollar agency. He brings unparalleled insights, experience, and real-world strategies to help you succeed in your personal branding journey.



The Law of Attraction

This podcast is great. I got a lot out of this episode and I agree with a lot that was said. It makes me think about my journey as an entrepreneur. Thanks a lot!

@Von Deon

Venture Mentality

This show offers so much great value for personal branding as well as reaching success. Love the vibe!


Amazing work!

Dillon and Jacob definitely know their stuff! Their most recent episode was insightful and extremely helpful. Definitely looking forward to hearing more.


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